Frances writes mostly short stories, many of which have philosophical themes:

Here’s a list with some links:

Heart Rot,” Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2017.

Cold Front.” Magnolia Review, December 2016.

The Pearl of Great Price.The International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Special issue on Faith, edited by Daniel McCaughn and Rebekah Rice, 2017.

“Time of Trial.” Collection of Philosophical Essays on God and Value. Dean Zimmerman (ed) OUP 2017.

“Light and Shadows.Halfway down the Stairs, September 2016.

“The Letter.” Silver Pen Youth Imagination. May 2016.

“The Last Date.” Memory Into Memoir, Memoir collection, September 2016

“When Life gives you Lemons.” Whatcom Writes, February 2016.

“The Unmerciful Servant.  This story was highly commended at the Writers’ Village Competition, winter 2015, published at Short Fiction Break.

Rocket Science.Cirque, December 2015.

“Faith.” Everyday Fiction, July 2015.

“A Fine One to Talk.” Oxford Magazine, Spring 2015

“The Winter of our Discontent.” First place winner at Short Fiction Break 2015 short fiction contest.

“Late for Lunch.” Everyday Fiction, April 2015.

“Writing Contests will be Banned.”  Whatcom Writes February 2015

“The Two Potions.” Wordhaus Novenber 2014 (One of top ten at Wordhaus for 2015).

“Leap of Faith.” Wordhaus October 2014 (one of top ten at Wordhaus for 2014).

As a regular contributor for Short Fiction Break, Frances has published:

“Failure is not an option

“Paris, 1850: Impressions.”

“Hill of Beans.”

“The Last Day.

.”When Troubles Come.”

“Mr. Lee and His Family.” 

“The Plank in your Eye