frances-with-boys-july-2015-aFrances grew up in South Africa and dreamed of being a writer. She attended the University of Cape Town studying philosophy, English, and Greek. Sadly, creative writing classes hadn’t been invented yet, or if they had, they hadn’t reached the tip of Africa. She found literature wonderful to read but difficult to write about. So, she focused on philosophy, earning a BA and an MA. Then she earned a Ph.D at Syracuse University in New York, where she met and married her husband, Daniel. After short stints at Wayne State in Detroit, and Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, she moved with Daniel to the Pacific Northwest, where she teaches at Western Washington University in Bellingham. In 1999, she gave birth to twin sons, William and Peter, who absorbed most of her time for the next twelve years. On their twelfth birthday, she found she had more time, and returned to her first love, fiction.

Daniel Howard-Snyder's photo.

When not writing, teaching, or playing with her family, Frances likes to walk, read, play chess (badly) and watch Shakespeare.

Email: Frances.Howard-Snyder@wwu.edu

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